Introducing CCAG Association: Elevating Auditing Excellence

We are pleased to introduce the CCAG Association, the Collaborative Cloud Audit Group for the Financial Services Industry in the European Union, a newly established non-profit organization dedicated to advancing auditing practices. Founded by 11 EU-based companies, CCAG’s primary mission is to provide essential organizational and logistical support to its members, enhancing their ability to conduct pooled audits on Cloud Service Providers with professionalism and in a coordinated manner.
Superseding the previous successful CCAG Partnership, the collaborative spirit of the CCAG Association remains valid and reflects a shared commitment to excellence within the audit functions of banks and financial service firms. By pooling their resources, the members aim to promote transparency, foster innovation, and assess compliance on Privacy and Information Security Standards throughout their supply chain. CCAG’s foundation marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of pooled auditing, heralding an era of cooperation and knowledge exchange.

As CCAG continues to grow, it invites bank and financial service providers to join its mission in reshaping the future of auditing global Cloud Service Providers.

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