About us

The Collaborative Cloud Audit Group for the Financial Services Industry in the European Union, in short CCAG, is a non-profit organization founded by eleven leading EU-based companies of the financial services industry. Based on the mission to provide organizational and logistical support to its members, enabling them to conduct pooled audits with excellence, efficiency, and integrity, the CCAG association continues the successful work of the previous CCAG partnership. The membership has more than tripled in the first three months after the transformation into an association.

CCAG has the legal form of a registered association (eingetragener Verein, “e.V”) with corporate constitution in accordance with German association law. The association is formally registered in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

CCAG continues to grow, and invites banks and financial services providers under the supervision of a national or EU regulatory authority for the financial industry, to join CCAG‘s mission to reshape the future of auditing global Cloud Service Providers. By pooling their resources, the members aim to promote transparency, foster innovation, and assess compliance on Privacy and Information Security Standards throughout their supply chain.

Many CCAG members are also part of the European Cloud User Coalition. The purpose of the ECUC is to unite financial institutions as cloud users on a level playing field and to channel their requirements into a joint position to leverage European standards for the use of public cloud services in the financial industry.

Our Board Members

The inaugural General Assembly has elected the following five membership companies as Board members for a tenure of two years from 2023-2025. They are represented by Senior Managers working in the membership companies’ Internal Audit areas.

UniCredit S.p.A.

Matteo Gritti

Speaker of CCAG and Chairman of the Board

Commerzbank AG

Imre Bakó

Deputy Speaker of CCAG – Operations & Communications

Finanz Informatik TechnologieService GmbH & Co. KG

Marc Barte

Audit Governance & Methodology

Deutsche Börse AG

Dietmar Hinkel


N26 Bank AG

Stefan Knott